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About us

We help to make the work done in a healthy style.

Higher work efficiency

Reduction of the probability of injuries, workplace and everyday stress

Increase the awareness of your own body and increase well-being

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What we can do for you

Active workshops on work ergonomics

We build awareness of how to work safely and effectively. We also focus on anti-traumatic prevention.

Consultation with a physiotherapist

Advice on what can be done at work as part of pain and anti-traumatic prevention and instruction of individually selected exercises that can be done in the comfort of your home.

Physiotherapy in the workplace

Individual physiotherapeutic examination with therapy.

Nutritional workshops

Learn how to prepare a healthy meal easily and quickly. Presenting tips on how to plan your nutrition so that the preparation does not take much time and that the meal does not lose its quality.

Take the challenge

A good company functions like an organism, so take care of its health :)


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